School Walk-along

Quick updates from the last week and walking Marcus to school!

Sep 22, 2022

Quick shots update 9/22/22

  1. We’ve been super busy looking for a place to stay permanently, and we found one! Totally stoked. You won’t believe it, I have a video for later.

  2. Marcus has been really opening up since he started this new school. The difference is night and day between the way he responded in Hawaii and Japanese school. I’m not sure why - yet. But he comes home ready to talk about his day. He talks about his friends. His teachers seem to be heavily invested in his success. He wants to stay late at school - all things you want a lifelong learner to have/do. It kills me we have to change schools when we change apartments, but at least I know he’s responding positively. He also seems less bored when we take the iPad away. The next step is to buy a desktop computer - any advice I’m happy to hear.

  3. Maxi is as wild as he ever was. As I edit this for the last three hours he’s been sitting at the dinner room table banging cups and singing songs. What is endearing in a Thor movie is much less so in person after bedtime. The new apartment is on the second floor again - I hope there’s no repeats of our last adventures with neighbors. On the plus side we will be closer to Minoo, Japanese home of snow monkeys.

  4. I’ve been averaging walking over FIVE MILES a day. FIVE MILES that’s insane for me. A low day is 9,000 steps. We’ll see if that keeps going as I stay longer - it’s amazing what you have time to do when you don’t have any responsibilities. 

Next steps: furniturizing the house. We need a gas stovetop (few Japanese houses use ovens) and we have to buy our own Washing machine and refrigerator. They looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for a furnished place.  Ikea Friday, Saturday we’re going to “den den town” which is the city for electric goods, plastic foods and larger-than-life anime character posters.

One of the highlights is walking Marcus to school every morning, The video attached is a “walk-along” - come with us!

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